Pictures from from the San Diego Railroad Musem's "Ticket to Tecate" train, 09/23/06
by Chris Jacks. Page one of pictures.

The depot of the San Diego Railroad Museum in Campo, CA

(above and below) The train pulls up to the depot in the morning for the train.

The train nears the border with Mexico. Note the well-ballasted condition of the rails on the U.S. side of the border.

The view looking back from the train.

The train approaches the tunnel that goes under the U.S. - Mexico border. Note the lack of a fence or any security on the border in this area.

The train enters the tunnel that passes under the border.

All that notes the border between the two countries is this line in the tunnel wall.

Exiting the tunnel in Mexico.

Entering the international tunnel on the way back to Campo.

We were followed by track machines for most of the trip. Once over the border a Mexican pilot crew was put on the train.

Near the border the Mexican government has put up these signs warning pedestrians about high temperatures, etc.

The second tunnel on the route.

There was a third tunnel which collapsed and was eventually daylighted. Only the portal remains.

In Tecate, these children on horseback started to chase the train.

The horseback chasers. Note the lack of ballast under the rails on the Mexican side.

A Maquiladora factory in Tecate. These factories are common along the border region with the U.S.

(above and below) A large junkyard near Tecate, with some residences in the foreground.

Near Tecate children rush toward the train in hopes of something being thrown to them by the passengers.

Typical residences on the outskirts of Tecate.

The Tecate depot next to the brewery.

All pictures copyright 2006 by Chris Jacks. Reproduction with my permission only. Thank you.

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