Pictures of the SP&S 700 Excursion on Montana Rail Link, 10/12-13/2002
by Chris Jacks

The Spokane, Portland, and Seattle 700 traveled from its home in Portland, OR to Sandpoint, Idaho to pull an excursion train to Billings, MT over Montana Rail Link's ex-Northern Pacific line. The train was operated by Montana Rockies Rail Tours using the equipment they use for diesel-powered excursions from Sandpoint to Livingston, MT.

The 700 starts its ascent of the line to Mullin Pass just east of Elliston, MT

The 700 works upgrade and blows a lot of black smoke.

Note how the black smoke obscures the sun just past the tender.

The dome-heavy excursion consist.

The 700 near Blossburg on the ascent to Mullin Pass. Note the helper diesel. The steam engine did most of the work on all three days.

Now on the descent of Mullin Pass, near Austin, MT.

A lot of brake shoe smoke on the descent of Mullin Pass near Austin, MT. Not much dynamic braking here.

A pacing shot at 60 MPH from I-90 near Bozeman, MT

The smoky aftermath, as viewed from I-90.

The 700 during the photo runby in Livingston, MT.

The 700 backing up during the photo runby in Livingston, MT.

A view from a vestibule half-door near Billings, MT.

All pictures copyright 2002 by Chris Jacks. Reproduction with my permission only. Thank you.

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