Pictures of the excursion train from Los Angeles to Williams, AZ powered by the Santa Fe 3751
by Chris Jacks

The 3751 at the Los Angeles Union Station

The 3751 at Los Angeles Union Station. The auxiliary tender had the "Let's Roll" quote placed on it earlier this year.

Leaving L.A. the tracks run in the middle of a highway for several miles.

The massive former Santa Fe station in San Bernadino.

After San Bernadino the tracks turn north for the ascent to Cajon Pass.

The countryside between Barstow and Williams. This is always covered late at night on Amtrak trains.

The Grand Canyon Railroad's daily train departs for the South Rim. This scene, with the smoky Alco assisting the steam engine, is repeated every day during the summer in Williams.

The Grand Canyon Railroad's A-B-B-A set of Alco FA engines on our special train to see the canyon at sunset.

The Grand Canyon at sunset.

For our charter to the canyon on Saturday we had a doubleheader for the last stretch to the south rim.

The Santa Fe 3751 and the Grand Canyon 4960 doublehead on our train.

The Santa Fe 3751 and the Grand Canyon 4960 pose for pictures with the Grand Canyon 18 at the Grand Canyon depot.

The 3751 leaves the Williams depot with the return trip

The 3751 pulling the return trip across the Arizona and California Railroad.

The dome car Silver Lariat at the Grand Canyon depot.

The dome car "Plaza Santa Fe"

The interior of the dome car "Plaza Santa Fe"

All pictures copyright 2002 by Chris Jacks. Reproduction with my permission only. Thank you.

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