Pere Marquette 1225 Pictures
by Chris Jacks

The Pere Marquette 1225 pulled an excursion from Owosso to Clare on September 29, 2001.

The 1225 leaves Owosso in the morning. Due to the lack of turning facilities on the line the engine runs tender-forward.

A pacing shot north of Owosso.

While pacing North of Owosso I saw something I have never seen before: a man on a horse pacing the train.

A typically large crowd gathers during the stop in Mt. Pleasant.

On the southbound trip, rounding the curve in Ashley.

The 1225's tool car, now with the diamond "Steam Railroading Institute" logo.

Going through Ithaca.

All pictures copyright 2001 by Chris Jacks. Reproduction with my permission only. Thank you.

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